From the Desk of Principal

“The teacher is not the one who lets you choose a path but he is the one who directs you in your path.” (Dr. Radha Krishnan)

It gives me immense pleasure to being a part of such a pioneer society and the college who is continuously working to strive the mankind and to nurture a better society. LBS MTT COLLEGE, Tilak Nagar, Jaipur, is a result of the powerful vision of the Bharat Sewak Shiksha Samiti, spearheaded by a group of highly committed and dedicated Management.The institution is playing a pivotal role in the socio-economic development of the women. We are more conscious in imparting Holistic Educational Excellence to Pupil Teachers, with a strong moral base.

We believe in openness of mind, dignity of conduct and mutual respect in the back ground of social, economic, cultural, religious and linguistic diversity and develop a confident understanding of the role of a teacher in the Global society.The objectives of college are reflected in its multidimensional activities organized throughout the year for overall development of pupil teacher and nurturing and preserving Indian Culture. The college conducts seminars, workshops, group discussions on Teaching Skills, Teaching Aids and Innovative pedagogy to help pupil teacher to gain a deeper understanding of effective teaching. It is very important to understand that innovation is a journey not a destination, so it is something we need to constantly look at and change as we go along.

            The college has got permanent accreditation by National Council for Teacher Education and permanent affiliation from Rajasthan university in year 2006.We enjoy beautiful infrastructure, well-furnished class rooms, library and reading room, Wi-Fi internet facility, well equippedICT lab, science lab, seminar hall, multipurpose hall and playground.I hope that the Pupil Teachers may make use of those facilities and become professionally confident, academically bright and morally strong.

I am thankful to the dedication and commitments of the faculty, supporting staff and disciplined Pupil Teachers of our college. Our management is always vigilant in constantly equipping the Institution to attain its vision and mission.

It is easy to stand with crowd, it takes courage to stand alone. Compete yourself with you and try to be one step ahead what you did before. The journey of life is not that easy, it is true, but you can make it smoother with your talent and efforts under the guidance of excellent teaches.

Greetings and best wishes for successful future.

From the Desk of Principal